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CEBSD is a Not-for-profit Foundation registered in the Netherlands and consists of a Board of 9 members who have links to a broader network, which promotes Community Development in Europe. CEBSD took the lead in a Grundtvig project on Training and Learning for Community Development in 2005-2006.

              This project produced a booklet on “Guidelines for Training and Learning for Community Development” which is a source of material for networking and dissemination in the current project funded from 2007 to 2009 under the Life Long Learning Programme Key Activity 4: Dissemination and exploitation of results.

               CEBSD has the role of co-ordinating the whole project and fulfilling reporting requirements on behalf of the Consortium for Training and Learning for Community Development.

               All members of the Consortium have the role of assessing and sharing the relevance of the results to their practice and will act as multipliers of lessons from good practice. This includes responsibility for sharing the results with similar bodies at a local, regional and national level. In addition to the Consortium meetings, partners will participate in a relay visit to another partner and in the laboratory in Sweden. They will nominate participants for the Seminar in Sofia in 2009 and will incorporate these organisations into networking at a national and European level.

                Main aim: To set up a consortium which will take the lead in networking to apply the results and outcomes of past and current Grundtvig Programme actions to the field of community-based training and learning in order to draw maximum benefit from the exchange of good practice and implications for European policy.


a)                             To develop the European dimension of the consortium, providing feedback on the application of the core principles of Community Development to training and learning systems at a national level within the context of the Lifelong Learning Programme and making connections with other member states.


b)                            To set up an interactive network combining Relay visits, electronic networking and increased mobility for exchange of learning and good practice linking the national and European level, with a focus on links with Grundtvig actions.


c)                             To animate the interactive network by establishing multipliers who are in touch with local level trainers engaged in training and learning for Community Development and identify 150 named multipliers in national and/or European networking by mid 2009.


d)                            To increase networking from practice to policy specifically in relationship to the draft European guidelines for training and learning for community development developed in Budapest in 2006.


e)                             To extrapolate shared lessons on data collection and analysis for core indicators: Civic skills and Professional Development from exchanges in line with the Open Method of Co-ordination.


Partners in Consortium

                              MOVISIE Kennis an advies voor maatschappelijke ontwikkeling, NL

                              Samenlevingsopbouw Vlaanderen, BE

                              Creating Effective Grassroots Alternatives, BG

                              Community Development Foundation, UK

                              KSS (Kristeligt Studenter-Settlement), DK

                              PBW, Paritaetisches Bildungswerk Bundesverband, DE

                              Fundació Desenvolupa ment Comunitari, ES

                              Centrum för Samhällsarbete och Mobilisering /Centre for Community Development and Local Mobilization, Sweden

                              Community Workers’ Cooperative, Ireland

                              Centro Studi ed Initiative Europeo, IT

                              Centre of Studies and European Initiatives - CESIE, IT

                              Kommunales Forum, DE

                              Romanian Association for Community Development, RO

                              CKO, Centre for Community Organising, Centrum Komunitného Organizovania, SK

                              Stiftelsen Idébanken, The Ideas Bank Foundation, NO

                              Közösségfejlesztők Egyesülete: Hungarian Association for Community Development, HACD, HU

                              PACT Foundation, RO

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