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Level of intervention


During the last 5 years RACD have tried to better understand and apply the community development principles. So far RACD have focused its intervention on 4 levels.

  1. Community as a whole
  2. Promote the values and attitudes that define the culture of development: developing the sense of community, sense of responsibility, the self trusts in their power of change and in the collective work

  3. Leadership development
  4. Goal: - to increase the capacity and effectiveness of indigenous leaders to rebuild and sustain communities, and to develop leadership styles emphasizing collaboration and inclusion, develop capacities to understand and work with the community as a whole, to think and act strategically, to develop partnership relations with other organizations/institutions from inside and outside the community, to mobilize resources, etc. Based on our experience in Romania the quality, commitment and determination of the community leaders represent a major factor for success in a community development intervention.

  5. Community group development (community based organizations)
  6. The community leaders need to work closely with a local group of most active and engaged people. Developing the group is one major task as leaders alone are less likely to be able to determine a sustainable change within their community. RACD goal is to develop sustainable effective community based organization able to work constantly and strategically toward the improvement of their community. The community based organization (formal or informal) needs to have a constant presence within the community, to develop itís on identity and role in community in relation with other local organizations/institutions

  7. Local institutions with accent on schools and local administration

Support the local institutions in order to understand and redesign their role in relation with community. RACD have worked more closely with the local schools in order to increase their presence in the community and to play a more facilitative role (to engage people in a process of learning and acting for the community benefit) educating the values and attitudes that define the culture of development


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